The Cheshire Unicorn

Wanda T. Grimsby,
Detective Extraordinaire


Wanda T. Grimsby, the top detective slash adventurer in Toronto, has solved the most stupendous of crimes. Now her boss, Big Bittions has hired her for a new and exciting case which will take some clever thinking and help from a mysterious forest person who brews strange stews.

Winner of the 2006 Summer Shorts Playwrighting Competition, Youth Education Onstage, Williston, ND.


WANDA - A ten to twelve year old detective slash adventurer girl

BIG BITTIONS – Early forties, a large, French lady with long red fingernails and jet- black hair

JOHN - Big Bittions’ assistant

COMPUTER - An electronic projection

QUAGGA - An ancient horse-zebra cross

ELEPHANT BIRD – A large, robust ostrich type of bird

FOREST PERSON – An eccentric yet wise forest dweller

Approximate running time: 30 minutes